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Re: Humanoid Sexuality in TrekLit (Minor Spoilers for VGD: Declassifie

Nick M wrote: View Post
This thread inspired over an hour of discussion on the topic on our G and T Show podcast last Sunday (Aug. 28). I hope if you listen we don't upset anyone, I think it is a good discussion you will enjoy. (I quote a few of the responses here in the discussion.)
All the best,
Interesting show, though the gay discussion from this forum took about 50 minutes to get to.

I just finished it, and am amused that the most uncomfortable moments come from Nick's discussion of the way he perceives my attitude in my postings (as opposed to anything I actually say). Apparently the "feces hit the nacelles" and other such comments show how angry I am all the time.

David Mack - there's a question for you at 2:09

Funny too that on the webpage, the Google tags for the episode mention Michael A. Martin -- who I don't think is mentioned by name, though his new book is -- whereas I'm not. But Nick did pronounce my name right and Ranul Keru's name so awards for that.

And you've both got good voices for podcast. (Wait, how can I make that sound angrier?) You've both got DAMN good voices for podcast.
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