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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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Let's see, this thread is for listing connections between/among novels, right? Well, I just discovered a minor, unexpected one. In Howard Weinstein's first Trek novel, The Covenant of the Crown from 1981, there's a brief but memorable appearance by a security guard named Ensign Michael Howard (possibly a self-insertion, judging from the name). The same character (or a character with the same name, rank, and posting) reappears eleven years later in Ice Trap by L. A. Graf, and again in at least one other Graf novel, Firestorm. There's also a very brief mention of a security guard named Howard in my own Ex Machina, which I intended as an allusion to the Graf novels, but I'm pleased to discover that Ensign Howard originated in Covenant, one of my all-time favorite "oldies." And surprised to see that L. A. Graf were able to include that reference in a time when the books were supposed to avoid continuity and crossovers. I guess he's an obscure enough character that he slipped under the radar.
Very cool. Will go into my notes.
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