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Re: Netflix Loses Starz

...and this is why I jumped to all-DVD when Netflix made me choose. There is no way studios are going to pry loose their content when it comes to streaming. They don't care about DVDs because that technology is on its way out. But as long as Netflix's streaming library can't match its DVD library, it's not out for me.

What the consumer wants is Netflix with a streaming library of every title ever made. But Netflix is having trouble convincing the studios to give them that at a price it can pass on to consumers at a reasonable cost.

In the end, technology wins out, so sooner or later, Netflix or some similar service will offer streaming with a very broad library of titles. But it's going to be a bumpy road getting there. I'm taking my DVDs and hiding until it all sorts out.

Netflix's decision to enter into original series of their own with House of Cards seems like an even wiser decision now.
Netflix making their own content won't make up for the content that the consumer wants and can't get through them. Their expansive library is a major selling point. When I want a TV show or movie, I don't want to have to think about who made it. I don't care who made it.
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