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Re: Star Trek: Online

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I don't imagine this board population will speculate as wildly and with as much hand-wringing as the players over at the STO official forums, so I'm not sure a thread dedicated specifically to the F2P discussion would be needed - at least not until Cryptic Studios has been authorized by Perfect World to start its real announcement with FAQs, etc.

Maybe, though, it would be worth closing this thread down and relaunching a new discussion thread, a la when threads got too big in the past. My suggestion would be "Star Trek Online Discussion (Going Free-to-Play!)" or something similar; that way it would encompass both general discussion, as well as contain a subject line-level notice about the game's impending new status to garner attention from anyone not already paying attention to the game who would be interested by that and want to discuss it.
Good idea.
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