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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

Die Hard is the definitive action movie for over a generation it was the benchmark. "Die Hard on bus", "Die Hard on a plane", etc.

The second one I actually kind of like, though it certainly has its flaws. The third one is just awesome, it almost achieves the awesome of the first.

The fourth one is just Meh. I think it tries to hard to make the scope of McClain's problem bigger which doesn't work. He's not Jack Bauer trying to save a nation he's an over-worked, often suspended, NYC cop who always thrust into bizarre situations. Had he "failed" in his tasks in any of the first three movies things would've ended up mostly okay. (Though the lasting effects of the third movie may have been great.)

The fourth movie had he failed a nation would've been greatly impacted. I mean it's serious shit he gets pulled into in that movie and it doesn't work.

Not to mention Mac Guy just wasn't as good of a side kick as Al Powell or SLJ.

God, if this new movie teams him up with Shia LeBouff....

Well, I have problems with the plot point of crashing planes based on the ILS being incorrect and that there are manholes in a runway.
The ILS thing I'll give you -still roll my eyes at that one- but if I recall it wasn't a "man hole" so much as it was a giant drain grate. Which, yeah, still likely wouldn't be on a runway but is a bit different than a manhole.
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