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Re: Mulgrew on Warehouse 13

Maybe the regents arn't immortal like Vandal Savage (Familial cannibalism aside), but Immortal like the Phantom, passing on the legacy sire to offspring generation after generation...

I rewatched the pilot again a week back... When Pete confronts Artie in the Museum for the first time, Artie calls on Pete by name without introduction. I just assumed that Artie studied up before he sacked up, but if Pete is the son of a Regent, even if Artie didn't already know that, Red flags would have come up next to his name any time a Warehouse Mission might intersect with routine...

Maybe Artie used to baby sit Pete when he was in diapers and all this has been to groom Pete to be Regent after his mother passes on?

Maybe Jane has low level telepathic powers too?

Maybe you have to have telepathy to be a Regent?

Or did Pete just get frakked up by some hoodad his mommy brought home from work in the 70s?


In the pilot.

Pete was in Charge.

Then they shipped in Myka who took over at the 9th hour before Artie arrived during the 10th hour before that artifact when critical in the 11th hour...

Jane set them up.


The pilot was a double blind date!

All together now...

"Where the hell are my damn grand children Myka!!??"
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