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Re: Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

Cafe Geekdale - Part 5

When Quinn got home she went upstairs and logged on to her email accounts.

Almost immediately she found a mysterious email in her Hotmail account.

ldtomboy91 Coffee House Peril 2005, 10, 20 03:45 PM

“Weird,” she said. 'What is so perilous about the Coffee House?' she wondered. She clicked on the link to the message.



Hi, Quinn.
You don't know me, but I also go to Lawndale High. The reason why I am sending this email to you is to warn you that someone is going to use the Coffee House to discredit you, to try to destroy your popularity, possibly by saying a lot of mean things about you.

This will be my last communication.

From ldtomboy91

agzayuke aeuurrsmu uvaqi

Quinn had to read it again, to be sure of what it said.
'Thanks for warning me, whoever you are,' she thought. She wasn't sure what to make of it. She knew of several of her classmates who were disgruntled about her influence since she started at Lawndale High. However the foremost of that group was Sandi Griffin, with her protégé Tori Jericho just behind her.
'You will not get away with this, Sandi,' she thought. If it wasn't Sandi, then she wasn't sure who it would be.

As the sun set, Daria and Jennifer arrived at Casa Lane.

Jane was watching Sick Sad World when they entered her room. She muted the show. “So, you have performance ideas for the Coffee House?” she asked.

Jennifer shook her head vigerously. “You know that I don't do well on stage. The graduation assembly was the best that I could do,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” Jane murmered, remembering several Middle School assemblies where Jennifer's stage fright had gotten the best of her.

“There is a song that I have been working on,” Daria suggested.

“Do tell!” Jane said.

“It's about an American agent who hunts Russian spies in South America,” Daria said as she sat on the bed.

“Sounds violent,” Jane said.

“Mr. O'Neill will have a fit!” Daria said.

“Is that figuratively or literally?” Jennifer asked, uncertain what Daria meant.

“Both,” Daria said.

Jennifer grumbled. “Can I see the lyrics?” she asked.

“I haven't finished it yet,” Daria said.

“Can I look before you play it at the Coffee House?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, both of you can,” Daria finally said.

“Cool, maybe I can show Trent!” Jane said.

“Aagh!” Daria exclaimed.

“May I take that as a no?” Jane asked.

“I think it is,” Jennifer said.

Daria looked back at Jane. “What are you planning for the Coffee House?” she asked.
“Me? Nothing. I will watch everyone else embarrass themselves.”

“I guess that you don't want the extra-curricular activity,” Jennifer said.

“I don't,” Jane said.

'Of course not,' Jennifer thought.

Thursday, October 21, 2005

Through the day, many of the students of Lawndale High, thought about what they might be seeing if they went to the Coffee House, or in a minority of cases, what they would be performing.

Jodie came up to Daria as they left Science. “Mr. O'Neill told me that you are doing something at the Coffee House,” she said.

“So?” Daria asked.

“So, I would like to know what you are going to do?”

“You will find out when everyone else does,” Daria said, as she walked off.

Jodie sighed.

“What's wrong?” her boyfriend, Michael Mackenzie, asked as he came up.

“Nothing,” Jodie said with a slight smile.

After school, Quinn met Andrea as she left the school building. “There will be a meeting of the Programming Club tomorrow,” Andrea said.

“Yeah, Laurence told me,” Quinn replied, referring to another member of the Programming Club.

“One of the things we will be discussing will be the coffee house,” Andrea said, as she started walking.

Quinn followed her. “Why?” she asked.

Andrea looked back “You will find out,” she said.

“I'll be there,” Quinn said.

“Good,” Andrea said.

'What is she up to?' Quinn thought yet again.

When Daria arrived with Jane and Jennifer at the Pizza King, many of the patrons were discussing the Coffee House. “Is that all they can talk about?” Daria asked.

“It's Lawndale. There's not much else to talk about,” Jane said.

“I guess so,” Daria said, as she went to order a pizza.

“Touchy, isn't she?” Jane asked Jennifer.

“Definitely,” Jennifer murmered, as she remembered what Jodie told her about at lunch.

Griffin residence
The Fashion Club were in Sandi's room, they were nearing the end of their regular official meeting.
“Motion approved?” Sandi asked.

All three other members put up their hands.
“Motion carried,” Sandi said.

Tori smiled.

“Coool!” Tiffany said.

“Last topic for this afternoon; tomorrow night's opening of the Coffee House,” Sandi directed.
Stacy fidgeted as she entered the topic into her notebook, betraying her agitation about Sandi's antagonism towards Quinn.
Sandi noticed the fidgeting. “Sta-cy, is there, like, a problem?”

“Eep! No, Sandi. No, problem!” Stacy said quickly.

“Good. Now, I have written a speech in which I eloquently state the reason why Geeks, especially, like, that Quinn, should not be popular,” Sandi said. She took a sheet out of the right drawer beneath her computer.

“Are you going to read it to us?” Tori asked.

“Sure,” Sandi said. She then read the speech to the club.
“Good Evening, Students of Lawndale High and other Coffee House patrons...”

“Opinions?” Sandi asked, looking at Tori.

“Quite arguementative. Most people will support us,” Tori said.

“But, Sandi -,” Stacy began to say, but she was interupted by a glare from Sandi.

“No buts!” Sandi said.

“Sandi! What will Mr. O'Neill say?” Stacy asked.

Sandi snorted “Puh-lease, like Mr. O'Neill will do anything more than say 'Oh dear!' He won't say anything negative. He certainly won't say anything to Ms. Li,” she said, imitating Mr. O'Neill when she said 'Oh dear!'.

“That's riiight,” Tiffany said.

'That seems to be true,' Tori thought.

“Maybe,” Stacy said, more subdued.

Sandi smiled. “That concludes this meeting. Stacy, concluding time?”

Stacy looked at her watch and at Sandi's bedroom clock. Both were within two minutes of each other. “5:45, for a duration of 1 hour and fifteen minutes,” she said, averaging the time between the two time pieces.

“Usual length of meeting, plus time to, like, read the speech,” Sandi said.

Stacy wrote the concluding remarks down and closed the notebook.

Unknown to the Fashion Club, Sandi's mother, Linda, had listened to Sandi make the speech. She smiled a wicked looking smile. 'Very good, Sandi,' she thought. It was exactly as she had hoped. Sandi was following in her footsteps.

Friday, 22 October, 2005
Sandi awoke at 7:20. After getting ready, she took the speech and went to the bathroom.

“Sandi Griffin, Fashion Club President,” she said, scrutinising her near perfect appearance.
“Good Evening, Students of Lawndale High and other Coffee House patrons, I have prepared this statement to tell you that Geeks are not welcome, like as members of the popular cliques,” she began.

“Thank you for your time.” After this conclusion she was silent for a moment before looking at herself again. “You will be triumphant! Quinn will not, like come back from this.”

There was knocking. “Come on Sis! I need to go!” her brother, Sam said.

'Of course he would,' Sandi thought. She folded the sheet with the speech on it and opened the door. “All yours, you brat!”

“Finally!” he said as he dashed into the bathroom past his sister.

Helen was preparing to leave for work when the door bell rang. “Who could that be?” she wondered. She went and opened the door. “Oh, Hi, Jennifer! Are you here for Quinn or for Daria, neither of them have come down for breakfast yet.”

“Hi, Mrs. Morgendorffer. For Daria. I am helping her with her performance at the Coffee House this evening,” Jennifer said.
Helen opened the door wider, allowing the quiet girl in. “It is great that she is participating in an extra-curricular activity. She is still quite anti-social and stubborn,” Helen said. 'I see that you have been a good influence,' she thought.

“I had to encourage her,” Jennifer murmered. She knew what it was like to be shy and emphasised with Daria.

“What was that?” Helen asked, not quite hearing what Jennifer said.

“Yeah, it's great,” Jennifer said with a little sarcasm.

“You can go right up,” Helen said, wondering at Jennifer's tone.
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