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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

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I'll try not to double-post. However, I have nooo idea how to use multi-quote. I'm lost with that!
OK, say you find 3 posts that you wanna quote. For each one that you want, press the multi quote button. When you get to the last one you want to quote, hit the regular quote button. There you go.
That was so helpful. Thanks!!

BTW, are you a Married With Children fan? Your screenname is making me curious.

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As much as I like Karl Urban, I do prefer DeForest Kelley as McCoy. As for sharing.....hmmm, well I guess that would be the polite thing to do......


Yeah, you can't make fun of McCoy.....I warn you, you tease DeForest Kelley and I'll be like Major Kira in one of her really angry moods
I thought Karl Urban was the best actor in ST 2009. IMO, he was spot-on as McCoy. (I also remember him from his Xena days!) He is cute but not as attractive as Kelley.

How do you feel about McCoy's loves? Natira, Tonia, etc....

And careful, Bro, or you could wind up with two angry McCoy ladies on your hands...
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