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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I read JLA #1 last night and was underwhelmed. For a book that launches the "new age" they sure are doing business as usual from the old way ala "writing for the trade". Someone somewhere said it felt like an issue of Brave and Bold and I'd have to agree. Will the next feel more like an "Adventures" team up or Batman & the Outsiders?

So this takes place 5yrs ago and all the other #1's are going to be present day, with few exceptions aka Hex. I'd read the whole first arc is ready but someone said that issue #2 is solicited for 6/7 weeks later? Anyone veriify that? Cause if so that is crazy. I'd have pushed a JLA issue out each week during this relaunch month to really keep people coming back every week and show just how important the book is as a cornerstone to these "mythical new readers" DC is wanting to keep and maintain both at the retail LCS level and digital level.

I've already decided to wait for the TPB on this now. The comic industry is going to have to change how it pushes it's medium to the market. One aspect of our society that we all are accustomed is to "get it now". TV went to the format of showing hot shows every episode in weekly installments. Shows like LOST, 24, True Blood and the hottest ones found that ratings were higher if they didn't take big breaks between episodes. The music industry found that it could make more money if they allowed you to buy the song(s) you wanted vs an album with 5-7 songs you didn't care about. The comic industry is going to lose these "mythical new readers" who don't care to wait 6 months for an arc to unfold. I'd rather wait 9 months and get it all at once than be hanging every 30 days. The comic industy may have to go the manga route and put out more complete stories already packaged together.
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