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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Nurse Marmalade wrote: View Post
kirsten187 wrote: View Post
^He's mine! Which McCoy do you prefer? DeForest Kelley or Karl Urban?
I prefer DeForest Kelley. Judging by your avatar, I'm assuming you prefer him too. Maybe we can share him...which half do you want?

BTW, I got your friend request and accepted, thanks so much!!
As much as I like Karl Urban, I do prefer DeForest Kelley as McCoy. As for sharing.....hmmm, well I guess that would be the polite thing to do......

BrotherofShran0 wrote: View Post
Hi Nurse M Hi kristen187. For a moment Nurse M, I thought you were kristen187 :blush: :facepalm:

Why? It seems that you both LUV Dr. McCoy so I am really gonna have some FUN with this ...

No, we are not the same person but it seems there is someone else who loves McCoy.

Nurse Marmalade wrote: View Post
^ Silly Bro! That's funny. We're not the same person, although my real life name is similar to her screenname.

Don't tease us too much about liking'll make us cry and McCoy will have to put you to sleep with his hypo.
Yeah, you can't make fun of McCoy.....I warn you, you tease DeForest Kelley and I'll be like Major Kira in one of her really angry moods
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