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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

VOY: "Faces"

Some really memorable work from Roxanne Dawson here. The episode was at its best toward the end when the two B'Elannas had to see past their differences; the highlight scene was the weakened human B'Elanna fainting (and in a way that seemed to indicate she was partly fainting from seeing her other self) and the Klingon B'Elanna wasting no time just slumping her on her back and getting out of there. It was nice to see the Vidiians again -- it seems I like them now as an adult every bit as much as I did when I was a kid. Tough rocks for Durst, dying the episode after he was introduced.

VOY: "Jetrel"

Knockout performances from Ethan Phillips and James Sloyan delivered this episode well above the cut, even if its resolution didn't move me as much as it probably should have. There are several scenes between Neelix and Jetrel that pulled me in almost as much as those in the oft-compared "Duet" from DS9's first season. Jetrel's true motive was a fun twist and one I'd long since forgotten. The only real downside to this episode was Neelix's dream, something which shot for dark and foreboding but instead came across s thoroughly silly. Even Jennifer Lien's turn as Palaxia didn't save it.
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