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Re: Minecraft 1:1 Scale Enterprise Refit/1701-A

Update time!

I've been working on this project on and off for a while, and figured it was about time I updated this post :P

The Bridge is now looking a little more authentic. The textures really need a lot of work, but it's now more circular and fits exactly within the confines of the external dome structure:

The Impulse Engineering section now has a proper sphere for the Impulse Reactor, which protrudes nicely outside of the hull where expected:

Below the Impulse Reactor, the "Intermix Core" goes straight down vertically to the very bottom of the secondary hull. I opted to go for this configuration as opposied to a 45 degree diagonal one, because otherwise the cargo bay just wouldn't fit properly and it interfered with the botanical section.

Several decks down we have Main Engineering, the roof of which is the spine of the secondary hull. Jeffries tube access up to the nacelles will be from here. Spocks' suicide cubicle is included :P

Moving on down and to the front of the secondary hull we have the Deflector Control:

And below that we have the Matter/Antimatter Reactor and the Antimatter Storage:

Taking up most of the central section of the secondary hull we have the Cargo Bay. I had all manner of issues getting the Turbolifts lined up with the Airlocks, and I had to move them towards the outer hull more so that they would line up properly with the Turboshafts going around Main Engineering:

The Hangar Deck is largely unchanged, just tidied up a bit:

What I've started doing now is mapping out all the internal systems first, and then building the decks in around them. Like this:

I have a similar looking structure on each deck, which are all linked together by the red 'pipe'. On the opposide side of the ship there is a mirror image of this with a blue pipe. These are supposed to be internal power systems or similar.

The blueprints are generally lacking a lot of support infrastructure (like plumbling!), so I am adding it in where it seems to make sense to do so.

I'm going to finish off the Officer's Mess next, with the ajoining Briefing Room and Captain's Ready Room. I am forced to have them share the same deck space below the Bridge because of Minecraft's general chunkyness.

In order to fit all the decks in exactly as they are in the blueprints, there has to be less than 1 metre vertically between each deck. Minecraft's building blocks are 1 metre squared, so it's just not possible.

That aside, I feel a ship like the Enterprise would have at least a metre of 'stuff' under the floors of each deck anyway.

This'll be the lounge, looking out nicely between the nacelles:

I'm still struggling with the Torpedo Deck. With the vertical Intermix Core running through the middle of it, as per most (all?) of the blueprints, and the Turboshaft running alongside it, there's no sensible place to put the Turbolift doors.

They either face the Intermix Core, or they open out onto the "torpedo rails". None of the blueprints seem to show an obvious way into the Torpedo Deck either, so I guess this is a common issue :P

Also, in The Undiscovered Country we see Kirk board the Enterprise using the Port(?) Torpedo Deck Airlock. There just doesn't seem to be enough room in the 'buldge' at the bottom of the dorsal fin to fit everything in that we see on the film set

Any thoughts or suggestions on that one?
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