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Re: Star Trek Online goes "Free to Play"

One thing that apparenty is lost in the huge, but incredibly polite, transcription is the "hidden gem" that Chinese players will get their own version of STO, leaving the current game for the rest of the world.

This may mean that the current STO may end providing ridiculous revenue while the Chinese version provides the lion's share of the earnings. We may want to be careful with this one.

We are talking about a 1.3 billion population. Even if just 0.01 percent of it plays STO, it would represent a "niche market" bigger than the rest of the world.

Anyways, that's good news for me. I had to drop the game because I could not afford to pay for it (I'm unemployed) AND because the fun/money ratio was not keeping up. If I can play for free, I might tolerate certain behaviors on the devs' and execs' part.
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