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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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you gotta love the internet, haven't you? wow, they've named a director and a writer and everyone starts nerd-raging before a single frame is shot...

personally, i liked The A-Team and so don't have any worries and am not overly concerned about the director.

i'm sorry, i'll leave the internet now...
I'm not 'nerd-raging.' I've simply said that on the basis of the lacklustre previous efforts of said director and writer I'm not optimistic about this movie.

I've said that maybe I'll be proven wrong. But I think it's reasonable to be a little concerned about the future of the once-unsurpassable action franchise given that they've hired two guys with less than stellar CVs to take it forward.

Nothing would make me happier than to eat my words in a year or two when they make a classic Die Hard movie to rank with the first one. But I'm not holding my breath.
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