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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

VOY: "Prime Factors"

Some neat ideas but not all that good overall. I'm glad the aliens, originally intended to be recurring, were written out of the show. And I kind of wish just once while the leader was touching Janeway she'd slap him upside his head. Ah, the rigors of command, I suppose.

VOY: "Heroes and Demons"

I see this one get a bad rap in some reviews (mainly Jammer's Reviews and GateWorld, I guess, but the former typically hates the series anyway and the latter... well, Darren and I don't seem to see eye to eye often on episodes) but dammit, I liked it. I think this is an episode I must have seen countless times during UPN's old "Five Flights A Week" stint because a lot of it came back to me too.

VOY: "State of Flux"

Now this was a strong early showing. Intrigue abound, Martha Hackett playing Seska terrifically, Chakotay blinded, Tuvok guided, Janeway disturbed, Kazon being bastards. Good episode. At the end when Seska gets away I wanted to reach through the screen and pull her back to justice -- that tells me I connected with the show emotionally.

VOY: "Cathexis"

Another episode I was kind of dreading as I've read a lot of harsh comments about it since those bygone days I watched the series. There are some fair points -- it's plodding, it's overly technical (something of a recurring issue for the show) and it lacks the emotional punch intended. I still enjoyed it though. The lighting was very effective, adding a layer of tension to the proceedings that might have been lost by an only passable script. Janeway's Holonovel is introduced here and I'm left slightly puzzled as to why the woman would want to pretend to be the matron for a couple of children when she's already the full-time matron of 148 crewmembers.
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