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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Okay, this is the first comic I have actually purchased in twenty years. Overall, I liked it but agree that it wasn't spectacular. The art was great and I really enjoyed the revisions of the costumes. The changes were mostly subtle but they looked good.

The dialogue with GL and Batman was quite funny and I didn't mind the differences in personality as they are supposed to be just starting out. In fact, it makes me wish this relaunch was just ten books about the main characters and set at the beginning of their careers. This whole five years earlier stuff should just be the new present.

I liked the Victor Stone interlude. I am curious to see the rest of his new origin and would not be surprised to see him wind up being more closely connected with Darkseid.

As the first part of a story, it will keep me coming back for the series. However, as I live overseas and I will be purchasing these books through the iPad app, I will now wait until the books are reduced in price after four weeks. I bought this book today because I wanted to help boost the numbers (actually I may purchase a couple more this month too).
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