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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

^ Well, I look at the circumstantial evidence. Here we have someone in a purple robe with a hood shadowing their face and they have some connection to monitoring or even controlling time to a limited degree. And it was in a Geoff Johns story; a man who loves the Legion of Super-Heroes.

I'm guessing she's a version of the Time Trapper.

However, I'm disappointed that they didn't have the balls to just stick with this. Barry Allen screwed up the DC Universe, and they stuck this woman in there to take the heat off him. It's also there as a back door to get them out of it if they choose.

Anyway, Flashpoint was kind of lackluster in my opinion; and Justice League was pretty awful. What happened to that hint that DC wasn't writing for the trade anymore? This Justice League issue was one of the most decompressed things they've put out in a long while; it was part one of a six, eight or twelve part story instead of just being a story.
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