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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Prometheus Fleet, a new but very active and open simm fleet is looking for new players!

Our newest ship: The U.S.S. Hyperion (NCC-4742-C), an Arrogant-class starship. This simm, like the rest of the fleet, is set in 2388, but we do not accept anything in the Abramsverse or Star Trek Online as canon. Also, we're an exploratory/diplomatic-style simm, more like the Next Generation, so if you're looking to get to blow up lots of stuff and aren't really looking for character development and interesting plots, you'd be joining the wrong simm.

But for all those of you who do wish to write meaningful dialogues, three-dimensional characters and intricate subplots, this is the simm for you.

We are also very open in the way we run it OOC, so if you have plot ideas, or even ideas for story arcs, feel free to submit them to the CO for consideration. Subplots are up to the individual simmers anyway, so long as they don't interfere with the main plot.

For your information: Our simm is 15+, so we do allow mild suggestive content, drug use, and violence, and we don't want any junior high school-type drama. If you are found to be younger than 15, you will be removed without chance of appeal.

We are looking for:

- Chief Operations Officer
- Chief Security & Tactical Officer
- Chief Science Officer
- Chief Diplomatic Officer
- Chief Flight Control Officer
- Fighter Pilots
- Intelligence Officer (part of Sec/Tac Dept)
- Strategic Operations Officer (part of Sec/Tac Dept)

We do NOT incorporate the Starfleet Marines.

Apply now and you get a virtual, imaginary cookie!
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