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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

I think the issue is learning to distinguish the character development of the characters with dominate personalities like 7 & the EMH from those with less dominate personalities like Tuvok or Kim.

They all had development and story arcs, just some were more subtle while others were more pronounced.

Tuvoks develpoment carries thru the series and is fleshed out in "RISE".
Tuvok's stroy arc was to learn that just becasuse he believes he is superior, he had to learn tolerence and that EVERYONE derseves respect, regardless of his personal feelings for them. It was because of this Tuvok learned to tolerate the practical jokes by Tom & Harry and too learn to respect Neelix. At the start of the series Tuvok barely wanted to speak to any of them. By the end, he was Kalto partners and friends with Harry. He accepted relationship and sexual advice from Tom and had an ever growing friendship with Neelix. By the end of the series, Tuvok is a more open minded and socially friendly Vulcan.

Harry's development is fleshed out in "Favorite Son", about how he was always told by his parents that he was special. What Harry had to understand was, he wasn't. He was just adverage and had to learn by trial and error just like everyone else. Harry ambition was the wanted to be more like Tom. Harry was bland on purpose, to bring home how not special he was. This is why his failure in "Timeless" haunts him and again in "Nightinggale".

Neelix' development is fleshed out in "Fair Trade", about how he has to learn to let go of his past insecurities and leartn to have faith in himself and in the surrogate family he's made on Voyager. His comic relief is only a mask that hides a sole that desperate to be needed because he's terrified of being alone. IMO I think many fans missed out of Neelix' development because of the bias against him. They turned their backs on him and didn't care to learn what he was really about to care about his development but it was there. Duie to Neelix' mistake of abandoning his people during war (Jatrel), Neelix now stands up anmd fights for them in "Homesteafd". That alone shows development by learning from a mistake.

Chakotay development is based on the Angery Warrior speech.
He desrcibe himself as someone angry and aggressive, we saw this aspect of him whenever Janeway left him in charge. He was tired of playing leader and was looking for someone to help him shouldre the burden and stresses of life. Most of his eps. put him in situations where he has to be the aggressor but he's always reluctant to do so. This why from the very start Chakotay gives up being Maquis and supports Janeway fully.

All these themes and arcs with these characters carry thru out the series.
While not as pronounced as Janeway or 7, they sre still there and show subtile character development but development none the less.
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