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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Its alive!

Lovely comparison between humanity and our Cardassian brothers from another mother, especially that little detail about the eyes. To look downwards is a sign of shame for Cardassians who actually seem quite direct in their body language (ironic when one considers their reputation), whereas for Humans it is a sign of dishonesty. Both negative preconceptions but for different reasons.
Well...a Cardassian who averts his eyes out of shame or submission won't necessarily be judged poorly, the way one would be judged for showing signs of dishonesty.

In a lot of ways, I would describe it as a submissive gesture. I tend to write my Cardassians as having almost "canine" social instincts, and if you've ever seen what happens when a dog misbehaves or when the alpha wolf chastises a member of its pack, the offending animal looks away as a sign of submission.

My Cardassians have the same instinct; looking away is an instinctive way to reduce the appearance of aggression, so when they're ashamed of something, or they've been caught misbehaving, the proper response is to avoid eye contact.

Which can lead to a misunderstanding because that means that if a Cardassian is telling the truth but is ashamed of that truth, he or she often will not look you in the eye. He or she is instinctively doing that to try to avoid stoking your ire. To a Cardassian, something said with averted eyes does not come off as harshly as something said with full eye contact.

That said--despite their deeply ingrained instincts, which I write as being more powerful than human hierarchical and social instincts, some Cardassians are consummate liars and manipulators who are able to control these signs at will. They are, after all, sentient beings, not insects or Borg.

I also like the rather sinister hint at the end that the foul serpent that has corrupted Cardassia may yet still live...
I can't imagine that every agent, or every person who thinks like one of them, was eliminated in the Battle of the Omarion Nebula.

(Am I right in thinking that in the 24th century the British diction has taken over European English?)
I'd thought that while the influence of American media in Europe was widespread, that the British accent was what most Europeans studied now in school and what was considered most "proper" there, unless they happened to get a teacher from the US or Canada.

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
An interesting look into Yejain's thoughts. Some images from the past and the time of his work for Legate Ghemor. Some thoughts about the Federation. But what I found interesting is that Yejain isn't fully on any side of the fence: he criticises and at the same time he is able to appreciate the same phenomenon, just different features of it. He can see positive and negative things in Cardassia, in the Federation, in the former Federation colonies. He seems to be a man who thinks a lot about many things and doesn't feel like he has to make any ultimate decisions and form opinions of those things. He allows himself to doubt, to keep thinking and simply not having one, stable opinion if something is black or white. He doesn't even force himself to settle for grey. He prefers to analyse details than to judge them.
While I had not thought of the character in quite those terms, I think you're right. Yejain is an analyst, above all, very pragmatic and a man of facts. If you introduce new data to him, his perceptions will shift. That doesn't mean he doesn't have opinions; I know that he has a core of principles that led him to oppose the Obsidian Order and that ultimately led him to agree with Berat about the need to rebel. That's the key distinction that separates him from someone like Garak. Deep down, there is a clarity of right and wrong in him, but he is not a man who stops at first impressions. He wants to investigate something from all sides and make sure he really knows what he's talking about.

Part of it was even the fact that the Obsidian Order failed to follow any sort of sensible logic or reasonable correlation of behavior to consequence. He could tell they weren't a reasonable internal security force, but a menace.
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