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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

An interesting look into Yejain's thoughts. Some images from the past and the time of his work for Legate Ghemor. Some thoughts about the Federation. But what I found interesting is that Yejain isn't fully on any side of the fence: he criticises and at the same time he is able to appreciate the same phenomenon, just different features of it. He can see positive and negative things in Cardassia, in the Federation, in the former Federation colonies. He seems to be a man who thinks a lot about many things and doesn't feel like he has to make any ultimate decisions and form opinions of those things. He allows himself to doubt, to keep thinking and simply not having one, stable opinion if something is black or white. He doesn't even force himself to settle for grey. He prefers to analyse details than to judge them.
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