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If "classic" Trek had introduced the Borg...

If this topic has been discussed earlier, maybe somebody can provide a link and the moderator can lock this thread as a "duplicate". Otherwise, maybe this one can garner a few observations.

If...during the original broadcast of Star Trek the Borg had been introduced, how might they have been visualized? What might have Bill Theiss designed for their "augments" and armor? What kind of craft might Matt Jefferies or Mike Minor have conceived? I suspect some members will claim "bionics" and "cybernetics" were not a well known concept (at least in pop culture) during the 60s and viewers would have to wait until the 70s before visual mass media was ready to explore the idea. With respect I will remind people Doctor Who dealt with this theme during 1966 (ironically, the year Trek debuted) when the infamous Cybermen were introduced in the 4 part serial "The Tenth Planet".

Prose descriptions will no doubt be fun, but if someone has any conceptual illustrations they'd like to share, all the better!


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