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Re: Fallen Star - Episode 1 (it's not Star Trek, but it's close)

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Our cast is eager and willing, we have the "go ahead" with our location and we're gearing up to rebuild the set at the end of this month, after which we have a ludicrous amount of filming to cram into a five week period. I'm not even sure it's enough time to finish it all, but we're gonna try anyway.
Try, we did. As it happens, we finished the first round of filming last night, and we'll be taking the set down again tomorrow... for the very last time (probably). I knew we'd be cutting it fine, but this was pretty nerve-wracking!

It has been a tiring month, to say the least. Late nights, schedule conflicts, long hours, more late nights. I'm going to take a little break, maybe work on some editing, but take it easy for a while, then we'll start thinking about the next production phase. We've got another small set to rebuild (the ship's briefing room and living quarters), plus various on-location shots and a whole lot of green screen.

Good times ahead! Now, excuse me while I pass out; this film-making lark is hard work...
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