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I decided to post some screenshots. I've started construction on a minecart track connecting the various places I visit frequently. It doesn't (yet) go into my actual mines though.

Here's a view of my main house. On the left outside the picture is a minecart station and a door outside. In the picture then follows my main storage and crafting room. Here I have currently 10 sorted and labeled large boxes partially full of all sorts of more or less valuable stuff.

Next is my fireplace / waste disposal, followed by the three furnaces and the door to my first mine shaft (goes 85 blocks deep vertically).

This leads to my present cave system. I first explored many of the natural mines there, but lately I needed a whole lot of cobblestone (to refine again to placeable smooth stone) and I've started on a methodical underground quarry. At some point I got a bit careless with my torch placing and had a skeleton spawn behind me.

The following is a portion of the cavemap generated using cartographer. I've broken into a new cave complex in the bottom of the map which I'll be exploring soonish since I'll need more iron for the cave minecart system. I already placed 216 iron worth (nearly half of what I had) of minecart tracks and I want a much larger network eventually.

This is the view from the minecart track towards and into my house. I've installed autocart (a mod) so I don't have to built ugly booster tracks.

In the background is my greenhouse / sky farm.

The track leads to the station from which I go hunting (mobs and animals) and my gravel mine is also located there.

Is this X? I've seen just about all your mind craft videos on YouTube. Love the pictures
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