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Re: Intrepid Updates

Finally got to watch "Machinations" this past weekend. Overall, I am impressed. This doesn't surprise me though; I am consistently impressed with each of Star Trek Intrepid's efforts. I can see where some of the points people are critiquing are, but the one thing that I have to comment on, the one thing that really sells it all for me is simply how well each of the Intrepid installments gels together to create the world of the series. Now, this might be due to simple things like utilizing the same locations, personnel, and creative forces behind the show, but I really do think that establishing and maintaining such a consistency is a difficult thing for any production to do so I applaud your success in this arena.

I also like the characters in this series quite a bit. Navar is appropriately gruff and as such brings a rather charming element to his character. I'm quite looking forward to where his story ultimately goes, particularly after this chapter in the saga.

In short - well done Nick and everyone at Intrepid!
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