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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped? Janeway, the Doctor and 7 of 9 got the lion's share of the development, Tom Paris and Torres got some development, but everyone else:

Tuvok often didn't have much to do, Chakotay never really developed beyond an Native American stereotype, despite trying to give him random hobbies, Neelix never really developed beyond being an annoying unfunny attempt at "comic relief", Kes' character didn't really go anywhere and then there is Harry Kim, about as interesting as a block of wood and the oldest ensign ever, making his character completely static.

It seems like Voyager could not handle an ensemble cast like other Star Trek shows could.
Although usually dismissed as Voyager's Jar Jar Binks, Neelix was actually quite well developed with an interesting, tragic backstory. Rather than brooding over the loss of his family and world, he forces constant cheer.

They never evolved him further, but he's more than comic relief.
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