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^One assumes this look will also be available in-game to replace (or supplement) the existing default FemShep.

It won't affect any of my existing saves as I already have plenty of FemSheps and I'm not sure if it's worth paying the extra tenner to get the collector's edition--I think I can live without a robotic dog and a set of weapons that are probably either over powered or useless after level 5--but still, it's nice to see a strong female protagonist getting some attention. Plus I'm sure the trailer will look cool.
As for those out there in the interwebs complaining that she looks too pretty to be credible (though in a rather less articulate manner) I think someone here already posted this Penny Arcade strip that pretty much encapsulates my attitude.

If I have one criticism though it's that she looks a little too young. Shepard was supposed to be what? 29-ish in ME1? Granted 22nd century modern medicine and the Lazarus Project may have rendered biological age somewhat irrelevant...but still.
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