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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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You're in luck then because even Harry Kim wasn't completely one-dimensional and managed to contribute occasionally valuable things!
Such as? The guy got maybe one focus episode in the first season and never made it past ensign. The focus episode wasn't very good and he got less to do as the series went on. Occasionally providing techno babble isn't contributing, because anyone can do that.

There was no real character development with Harry Kim, he never got that moment to prove himself, heck they were planning on killing him off at one point. It seems like they could kill him off, the show wouldn't have been that different. There is no point in investing anything into a character who started as a naive ensign who wanted to go home and seemed to end that way.

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
As I said before, it doesn't necessarily 'excuse' the series. But I've watched enough television (or rather, used to) that I can positively compare Star Trek: Voyager's treatment of its full cast to the majority of television shows I've tried out. To that end I will still say that it 'passed' and I'm not lording over it, I'm merely stating that compared to the vast majority of shows on television it handled its cast decently. That is my opinion of course; YMMV.
What shows are we comparing to Voyager to, the Wire or According to Jim? Frankly there are tons of shows that handle their characters better Voyager, there tons of shows that don't have completely superfluousness characters running around. When compared to some of the really good TV shows we have now, Voyager just left behind in terms of handling characters.

Maybe its less of problem for you, because some of the characters they did focus on Voyager were great, like 7 of 9 and the Doctor, but to me having characters who I left added nothing was pretty annoying, I just hate characters who don't go anywhere.

If you enjoyed the show despite this flaw, that's great, but to me its something that really dragged the show down.
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