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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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A commission of my Transformers corset design, I'll have the real thing in just over a month!
That's cool, though bright yellow is a mighty tough colour to pull off.

Customised corsetry is certainly an intriguing niche! I have a bit of an interest in clothes, so forgive a few questions: is it just the applied design that's unique, or is the garment itself bespoke in terms of it being fitted to your figure? I would assume the latter would be quite vital in terms of ensuring correct fit for something as closely-fitting as a corset.

Also, if it's not too rude a question, how much of an upcharge do you have to pay for bespoke versus ready-to-wear (percentage terms is fine, no need to give absolute figures)? I'm just curious as to how the mark-up compares with the tailored menswear side of custom clothing.

Oh yes, I designed it and I am have a corset couturier make it, most definitely to my own measurement of course!! Pricing depends entirely on who you go to, what services they offer, and what quality. Corset qualities, materials, fits, shapes, and expertise required to construct vary more than any other article of clothing, and there are way fewer 'ready-to-wear' corsets than couture corsets, because they fit a woman's body so specifically by anywhere between one and ten measurements. Some corsets cost one hundred, some one thousand (most several hundred, for a couture fit), and then you get into the haute couture designers and it's many thousands. I can't really give you a number, just because every single corseterie is so different.
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