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Garrovick awakens a prisoner in chains in an underwater prison, along with security officer Freeborn and the kidnapped miners.
Two amphibian guards appear and unshackle Garrovick, who takes advantage of the situation and overpowers the guards. He frees Freeborn and they escape out of the room.
Am I the only reader who has a problem with Garrovick abandoning the imprisoned miners back in the cell...Twice! And not once does he feel bad for doing so or make plans to return and to free them.

Garrovick and Freeborn skulk along the prison’s corridor, but are eventually surrounded by a large group of amphibian warriors. A battle for their lives begins, until Freeborn tragically sacrifices his life to save his captain’s.
The requisite Redshirt moment, I guess. While noble, it would have been even more poignant if Freeborn had more of a personality. By the way, do the security men ever grumble off-screen about how often they sacrifice their lives in the line of duty at the hand of aliens, demigods and power-mad humans who are sometimes welcomed as friends not long after by their own commanding officers?

The once-again captured Garrovick is taken to a large hall where the amphibians’ leader, Argolas, wishes to address him. Drident as well as the female amphibian Tri’tillya, are also present.
While Argolas drones on about the invading surface-dwellers from the stars, Garrovick pleads earnestly for the miners’ non-hostile intentions. Unmoved by Garrovick’s words, Argolas promises war and orders Garrovick back to his cell.
This I really don’t get...In the third draft, the miners arrived on Atlantis VI about 12 years before, and in all that time the amphibians chose to remain hidden beneath the depths. Then because of unsafe mining procedures the immediate area became unfit for amphibian lifeforms. So Argolas as the leader of his people:
(1) Chooses NOT to communicate with the surface men in a peaceful manner before it is much too late?
(2) Chooses NOT to relocate his entire tribe to the other side of the planet if they wished to remain hidden? Here on Earth we’ve been dumping all sorts of toxic sludge into our oceans for the last century, and try as we might there is still a large percentage of them still unaffected, so how much damage could ONE single mining platform do in the space of a dozen years?

In shackles once more, Garrovick is surprised to see the female Tri’tillya approaching him . She brings his equipment and releases him from captivity. They make their way back to the large hall, now deserted. They witness many amphibian warriors swimming up to the surface. Tri’tillya summons a great aquatic beast to provide transportation back to the surface.
I will address the preceding in more detail within the Amphibians’ section, but basically I will propose merging the characters of Argolas and Drident and jettisoning the monarchy aspect of the amphibian race. Also, my head was spinning as I read about the inclusion of the aquatic sea-beasts into this story. While a cool concept, the $$money$$ aspect is headache-inducing.
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