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The ATLANTIS INVADERS analysis by character (pages 9 to end)

(1) Captain John Quincy Garrovick

In his mid-30’s, the nephew of the deceased former Captain of the USS Farragut. Was marooned following a doomed Starfleet Academy training mission, with fellow surviving cadets on planet Tingaruu for two years. There, the very harsh living conditions left many emotional scars that remain to this day. Today a capable and intelligent commanding officer, he is nevertheless unsmiling, sarcastic, and dour.

Beaming down from the Exeter, Garrovick with Commander Cutty and 3 crewmembers arrive at the offices of Atlantis VI’s administrators. Beckoning the 2 security men to wait outside, the other 3 meet the Director.
Investigating a possible hostile incursion, especially atop a large offshore installation seems a LOT of work for only 5 men. Frankly speaking, if Kirk could bring down 10 people including himself in the TOS episode ‘’The APPLE’’ for what was originally a simple survey mission, then I think more armed personnel is definitely required in the instance of a risky interplanetary invasion. So the four security men from page 28 should be included along with Freeborn and D’Agosta on this trip.
There is a Doctor Fu in ATLANTIS INVADERS, a character that was mentioned but unseen in the SAVAGE EMPIRE, and seemingly replaced with Dr Azzato in The TRESSARIAN INTERSECTION. For this episode, he seems more of a xenobiologist (or astrobiologist) instead of a general practitioner. A sort of M’benga type to Azzato’s even surlier version of McCoy, perhaps? If so, it would then make sense to have such a physician among the original landing party rather than remaining aboard and away from the action.

Flustered when told of a false emergency call, Garrovick interrogates the DIRECTOR. Brian Callahan, one of the DIRECTOR’s assistants and a former acquaintance of Garrovick’s, joins them. Garrovick and Cutty question Callahan, but get no clear answers from him either.
As was mentioned by myself and DS9Sega, it really serves NO discernible purpose that we have 2 different characters that basically play the same part (stalling the Captain and outright lying to him, scheming against workers & amphibians to escape at the end). The nameless DIRECTOR and Callahan should be folded into a single character, one that will then have an actual clear-cut personality and motivation. Removing the completely useless and inconsequential childhood link to Garrovick can’t but improve this episode (the ‘academy acquaintance’ crutch was as overused as the redshirts as cannon fodder bit in the old Star Trek, to the point where you had to wonder if there was ANYONE Kirk hadn’t gone to school with. That gimmick clearly jumped the shark in ‘’The APPLE’’ when Mallory, one of the clone-like security men gets blown up and has Kirk soliloquizing on how Mallory’s father helped ol’ J.T. get into the academy. Cheap heat!)

Garrovick and science officer Watkins go to the docks and question the workers. Garrovick instructs Watkins to use his tricorder as a lie detector.
I guess since they don’t have a Vulcan around, they need some way to find out what the truth is? I’m pretty bothered by their casual reliance on a technique that even today is far from 100% reliable. What’s worse is Garrovick or Harris aboard the Exeter never really investigate or try to gather any hard evidence throughout the episode, and instead base ALL of their actions on the probability that some of the suspects have lied...If I did that, I could probably win a court case proving George Bush was on the grassy knoll when Abraham Lincoln was shot

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