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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

If it's any consolation, I'm sure the rebooted TNG characters would bear only the most cursory resemblance to the originals. Perhaps only the name and rank would remain.

...except for Data. The "tragic robot" is an evergreen role. The rest would get tweaked to greater or lesser degree. Riker might get blended into Picard, who would be an action character. Worf would be a more traditional Klingon, less straight-laced and a lot more fun. Geordi would be more comic/antic/eccentric. Yar would be less tragic and more of a wild warrior woman. Crusher would be more of an overt love interest for Picard. Troi would be more alien/exotic/sexy. Wesley would be Crusher's little brother rather than son since nobody in the cast would be old enough to have a teenage child.
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