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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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A commission of my Transformers corset design, I'll have the real thing in just over a month!
That's cool, though bright yellow is a mighty tough colour to pull off.

Customised corsetry is certainly an intriguing niche! I have a bit of an interest in clothes, so forgive a few questions: is it just the applied design that's unique, or is the garment itself bespoke in terms of it being fitted to your figure? I would assume the latter would be quite vital in terms of ensuring correct fit for something as closely-fitting as a corset.

Also, if it's not too rude a question, how much of an upcharge do you have to pay for bespoke versus ready-to-wear (percentage terms is fine, no need to give absolute figures)? I'm just curious as to how the mark-up compares with the tailored menswear side of custom clothing.

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Starbucks white hot chocolate, tall, whole milk, dash of vanilla syrup, extra hot, cream on top. I miss coffee, but this comes a close second.
I don't ever go into Starbucks as a general rule, but that sounds rather delicious, so rule-breaking may be in the offing at some point. Sounds like I'd have to skip lunch that day, though, based on the likely calorie count of that drink!
Just to complete the circle, I actually tried this drink a couple of days ago. It really is rather lush! Thanks for the tip.
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