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Re: OT: "The Bucket" on the bench...nuBSG

Welcome to my WIP Thread for building the Battlestar Galactica kit from Round 2 models. Now that my companies annual two week shutdown is over and I’ve managed to get some decent sleep, I’ve finally had time to pull this together.

This is my new workshop, which itself is a WIP. The counter top or the workbench surface is still in the garage. Anyway, little smaller than my old workbench, but I like all the storage drawers on the new one.

This is where we pick up the story. I’ve already done some assembly of the main body, her “head” and the smaller of the rear engines. The base paint color is Model Master “Steel” darkened several shades with “Gunmetal”. Standard “Steel” seemed too light. I’m going for more of an “on-screen” look. I’m paining with very small, soft brushes {Oh, no *gasp* } . The paint has been adjusted slightly with thinner to minimize brush strokes. I’m liking how the subtle texture and the way the paint is laying gives an almost “weathered look” to the small details without really trying.

You may notice that the “armor plating” sections are yet to be painted. I plan on doing some aztecing on them later with a bunch of different steel and gray tones.

Little bit of a close up of the main hull to give you and idea of the kit detail. All in all, the detail of this kit is good, the tooling clean and crisp. Only complaint so far is the size of the kit. I think it’s a bit on the small side at 14 inches long. Something akin to 20 inches long would have allowed for a bit more detail and would make this model have a grander presence.

Close up of her “head”. Again, I plan on doing some aztecing on the armor plating later with a bunch of different steel and gray tones.

Close up of the smaller rear engines. You may note a slightly darker “grey” towards the aft. This is “Gunmetal” lightened quite a bit with steel. Retains the darker tone with a nice metallic look; again closer to the on-screen look I'm shooting for.

Here’s where I am as of this morning. More painting done and today I’ve been painting on the halves of the flight pods. I’ll get some more pictures in the next day or two now that life seems to be returning to normal.

As always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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