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upgraded my ship a bit, I've got few consoles doing missions at starbase 24, good place for consoles, and marked improvements in my ship's weapon performance, before it was a struggle to take down large Klingon ship, now it takes only few well aimed shots, bob's your uncle.

Although I have far to go before I can master controls an all the buttons, few weeks and I'll be there. BTW only today I realized i had alpha attack maneuver, what it does I still don't have a clue, well it suppose to give some boost to your weapons, if I am correct. Anyways, I'd like to see more ppl posting their ships, thus far only few of us braves posted. This helps a great deal to all newbs here to understand how game works and what is needed for a good ship to win battles.

The reason why i don't use beams is because they do less damage than DHC and if you go with beam you'll need to not only get the Beam Overload skill, you'll want to train your guy in Beams skill which is a waste of points for one beam IMO. I don't use the Harpeng because it fires too slow, and the whole point of a Defiant strafing run is to hit them hard to take down a shield side and then hit them with High Yield III with Quantums. I can destroy a lot of ships like that in one pass. My Quantum also has Crit at 40% so i get a lot of crits.

I tried putting a torp in the back but since High Yield doesn't affect the aft launcher the firing rate is too slow, better to put in another turrent, with 2 of my Rapid Fire Cannon skills the turrets are spitting a lot of fire.

You'll also want to get the Subspace Field Generator and Universal Assimilated Module FOR SURE. Those are invaluable. I would get rid of your Mk VIII console...i have Halon System because with Hazard Emitters it gives me a hull repair bonus - something every Defiant needs.

You might also consider farming for emblems and trading them in for Mk X Very Rare stuff, it'll be better than Mk XI UnCommons. Also the Mk X stuff is only 7 emblems per item so it won't take you that long to farm it. Or you could craft it. Hope that helps!

thanx for clear and concise advice, reason why i have beam, is bc of firring arc, if I go against pvpi'll get your advice and get another heavy cannon, also i'll try to get quantum launcher as my tacs are trained in these *40-60% increase in yield or something its a good skill to have, I am still suffering from that missing bridge officer bug, as additional bridge officer would help a great deal.

My standard fit for mission will be like these (just all purple - very rare) and for pvp I'll outfit my ship just like yours, and see how it goes, problem is I don't know which mission gives you assimilated stuff, I know its borg, anyways if you are up for a mission in borg space let me know, i'd love to do a mission with you, learn few tricks.

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