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Re: BBC Original British Drama

BBC One have a new show reel of upcoming shows from the Edinburgh international TV festival...

More information on some of the shows mentioned in the blog...
The Village

Speaking today at Edinburgh Television Festival, BBC One Controller, Danny Cohen announced The Village, an epic and emotional story of 20th century Britain seen through the life and times of one Derbyshire village.
One man, Bert Middleton, lives across the entire hundred years. His life, from boyhood to extreme old age, provides the narrative backbone. His last great act of remembering is our way in to an examination of who we are and why.
Written by award-winning writer Peter Moffat, over the course of the series the camera never leaves the village. Everything – great political events, upheavals in national identity, war and peace, ways of working, ways of being, how we lived, how we looked, how we died, what we ate, rules kept and rebellions made, sex, religion, class, the shaping of modern memory – refracted through the lives of the villagers and the village.
Peter Moffat says: "I'm interested in the very big and the very small. I wanted to know what it felt like to watch your son leave for war in 1914 and see the look in his eyes when he came home and then watch him leave again, as well as how to wash his uniform and what the postcards he sent home from France actually looked like; to know what it was to die from overwork and undernourishment in the Twenties, as well as how to retrieve a smoked ham from up a chimney.
"I wanted to be as rigorous as possible in telling these wonderful stories as lived experience and not construct them from received wisdoms and historical myth. I was constantly surprised by how things were not as I thought they were – and surprise always feels like a healthy starting point for any story."
I believe that was announced, then dropped a while ago, seems to have been picked up again.

What's the Story

Why would any self-respecting party-goer want to take a microwave to the party? Is it possible to buy a Nissan Micra for 40 quid? These are amongst the burning questions which keep Kevin Bridges awake at night, and he's coming to BBC One next year with his own comedy and entertainment series to try and answer them.
In What's The Story? (w/t), (6x30min), the 24-year-old, critically-acclaimed Scottish stand-up sets out to discover the reality behind some of his stellar on-stage material, by looking at his life, his family and friends, his upbringing in the Scottish town of Clydebank, and the world he sees around him.
What's The Story? will not only go behind the gags but also get closer to the man, who, at only 24, is already becoming a household name. We'll see how the minutiae of everyday life to which we hardly give a second thought, has been the ammunition that Kevin has used for his killer routines.
Comedy Pilots

In a bid to up the supply rate of comedy scripts to the channel, Cohen, alongside Cheryl Taylor, Controller Comedy Commissioning, is committing to a new run of transmittable pilots for BBC One – with the focus firmly on unearthing new studio-based sitcoms.
Cohen says: "Comedy in all its forms is incredibly important for BBC One but we don't get enough great sitcom scripts coming through – so I'm delighted to be announcing this initiative today. By committing to a group of tx pilots, we hope to help unearth a new generation of national comic gems. At BBC Three in Drama, this is how we found our way to Being Human, and I want to take a similar kind of experimental risk on BBC One."
Cheryl Taylor added: "The BBC's commitment to laugh-out-loud comedy is as strong as ever and we hope that this dedicated pilot initiative will galvanise writers to think about more inventive, likeable and enduring characters for our mainstream channel. We are very proud to have shows like Mrs Brown's Boys, In With The Flynns and Outnumbered on BBC One, but there is certainly room for more."
Fight For Life

Fight For Life will see live event broadcasts from around the world, following some of the planet's most incredible animals going through their most critical and vulnerable periods – the first few days and weeks of their newborn's lives. Fight For Life will follow animals including black bears and their tiny cubs in Minnesota, through to baby Ring Tailed lemurs in Madagascar and cheetahs cubs in the Masai Mara.
Executive producer Tim Scoones says: "With its global reach and an A-list cast of animals, Fight For Life will be the most editorially, technically and logistically ambitious live wildlife event we've ever undertaken."
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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