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Re: Katie Holmes: Babe of the week #35 (Aug. 2011)

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Eh, I know Scientology's really fucked up (yay SeeView! or whatever it's called), but people marry other people for all kinds of reasons. And a young woman being courted by a famously rich international sex symbol? I mean, I'd have the same reaction if, say...
Wow, really?
Your point was she was 8 when Top Gun came out. So marrying a batshit crazy guy who's part of a very crazy sect is alright if he's rich, famous and was hot when you were 8? Letting her kids grow up within that sect, too?

I mean, seriously? That's as shallow as it gets, sorry.

Also: You'd have the same reaction?
Kestrel is now 80% less cool.

But that is pretty shallow I'll admit. I guess that's one area of cynicism - those who have lots of money, lots of charisma, lots of physical beauty, and who have become idolized by lots of people tend to be able to sway others to do things they ought not to. It's not as though there isn't precedent for this... throughout history. So nah, I won't hold it against her more than anybody else who falls for that bullshit. And from a cult that specifically goes after celebrities too. Maybe I misspoke before and it's not alright - but understandable? People fall in love and get married for all kinds of reasons; it wouldn't be the first brainwashing in Hollywood.
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