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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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I'm a fan of the show, by the way, so don't take that as me saying what we got was terrible. But those first couple of seasons definitely weren't as good overall as the latter ones and if the creative team had gotten the time they asked for and the setting they decreed...
I feel the same. I'd have given anything for a fifth season to have happened, after they finally got ENT right under Manny Coto. But the other alternative to that, is just to reboot it without the events influenced by the Temporal Cold War. That basically enables wholesale changes but not enough to stop former cast members like Bakula & Trinneer appearing again, playing a different history version of Archer and Trip. Basically what they did in the last film with a different fork in the road in 2120's and then leap ahead to just prior to the Federation founding in 2160.

That would seem to fill the requirements of a having largely new and different cast take over, some continuity with a face or two previously to have appeared in ENT, new set designs and costumes... the events of "Broken Bow" don't happen and the Enterprise launches a few years later when it's ready. Earth Starfleet make further adaptations to the NX-class, change uniforms to something else. Like a more colourful version of the NASA style flightsuits - gold, blue and red all over. The transporter has somehow proven only suitable for equipment, after some awful accident. Phase pistols are still EM-33 blasters. Photonic torpedos still on the drawing board, with no Xindi incident having happened to implement them. Terra Prime, the xenophobic organisation unhappy with Vulcans on Earth and humanity living with other aliens, is still around.
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