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Re: Katie Holmes: Babe of the week #35 (Aug. 2011)

Aragorn wrote: View Post
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Wait, you can't hold marrying into a crazy, neo-fascist "religion" who does all kinds of bad things to people trying to leave the club (and their kids) against her?
What did I miss?
You seriously need to read up on Scientology. They're not just like any other "religion" believing into "wacky" things.
Which is why you never got on your soap box in the Catherine Bell thread?
I don't really know Catherine Bell and I usually just visit this thread for shits and giggles to read Yoda's or other people's nitpicking about perfectly attractive girls.

Kestrel wrote: View Post
Eh, I know Scientology's really fucked up (yay SeeView! or whatever it's called), but people marry other people for all kinds of reasons. And a young woman being courted by a famously rich international sex symbol? I mean, I'd have the same reaction if, say...
Wow, really?
Your point was she was 8 when Top Gun came out. So marrying a batshit crazy guy who's part of a very crazy sect is alright if he's rich, famous and was hot when you were 8? Letting her kids grow up within that sect, too?

I mean, seriously? That's as shallow as it gets, sorry.

Also: You'd have the same reaction?
Kestrel is now 80% less cool.
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