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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
Temis' CW-fied Trek examples are a healthy reminder that Trek on TV at all costs is not something we should be rooting for!
Oh but it would make the discussions around here so very interesting!

I've experienced something similar by going through this thread, by the way. It really clicks; "it's a modern spin on the one and only very successful variation of the franchise" is probably the most alluring thing a hopeful producer could say to CBS.
Yep. And let's all pray that they're making TNG: The Completely Unrecognizable Reboot for Showtime and not the CW.

The way to pitch it to Showtime is to throw the ratings and critical success of Game of Thrones at rival HBO in their faces, a series that built a big following off an initial interest by a rabid fanbase, certainly a smaller fanbase than Trekkies represent. Showtime has got to be looking at that success with some degree of envy. What big-name sf/f franchise can they push out there, that could be an even bigger hit?

Sadly, I can just as easily see a successful approach to the CW. They're making $$$ off supernatural and superhero teen angst dramas. It would be so tempting to take a half-step over to space opera teen angst drama. They could do that without Star Trek of course, but since they're part of the company that owns the rights...
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