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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

I am the Brother of Shran! Long live Andoria!

With that said. I have been a fan of Enterprise since season 2. I was not big on Thy'lik Shran in the Andorian Incident, but later, he became my favorite Enterprise character. Since there is one Commander Shran (no offense Admiral Shran), I chose to be called his brother.

I leave Enterprise fan with my favorite enterprise quote:

[Shran's Bridge]

SHRAN: Let's fight back this time, shall we. Bring the forward cannons online.
(the two large ships exchange fire)

[Degra's ship]


[Shran's Bridge]

SHRAN: And tell Archer we're not even any more. He owes me!
Tell Archer we're not even any more. He owes me!
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