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Re: What games are you playing currently?

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Welp, went out on my lunch break today and picked up Uncharted 2. Goodbye, weekend.

My favorite part of the first one was that there weren't any bosses. I get tired of bosses. It's hard to make a good boss that isn't incredibly repetitive.
Have fun.

Servo wrote: View Post
Had a productive few days gaming. Managed to finally find the time to get back on Motorstorm Apocalypse online long enough to reach rank 40, which got me the final trophy I needed to platinum the game.
Also managed to kill George Romero, rescue the original characters and get a couple of other Call of the Dead achievements on Solo zombies mode on Black Ops.

Insomniac just added a new gun and some new abilities to the Resistance 3 beta, so I'll probably spend a bit of time on that over the weekend.
I got the MS: Apocalpyse plat a while back... man getting to rank 40 sure was a grind.

I'm still deciding whether to check out the R3 beta. I downloaded it already, but I'm not really a big FPS fan.
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