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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

I dont know if she would get bored with a Star Trek theme, but if she would not, you have enough time to actually give her exquisite gifts. For example, you could make models of Borg technology on Voyager (using anything from cardboard to wood to LEGO to 3D printers ).
Nanoprobe tubes (shooting out from the back of 7's palm)
Dilithium and Trilithium crystals.

Someone really motivated could make a tricorder shaped cellphone or some such gadget with a "We love 7of9" message.
Maybe an alarm clock that she can use which is totally fan-made and 7of9-themed.
Her husband is a French cook so maybe something based on Ratatouille or Pink Panther (though you must first confirm whether she likes those movies).
Or you could simply make a light bulb covered with a coloured map so that when lit, it projects the Astrometrics Lab screen on a wall

I mean there is literally no limit to the awesome gifts you can give her or the any other Star Trek crew / cast member, if you have the time and if you are motivated enough or have access to resources.
Dont go it alone, get another fanboy buddy bcoz then it will be awesomely fun.

In her interview, she also said she loves dissections and studying the interiors of the human body. So you could give her a lava lamp with ...ahem... organic colours
Or a gelatinous plastic model of some alien lifeform like species 8764 to analyse at her leisure. And you could hide surprise messages inside its body organs so that she would have great fun dissecting 8764.
I know fans generally never go to this length, but if you have a SF group around you and you have a mindset to tinker with things, this will be a fun thing to do.

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