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Re: Commander Tomalak and Commander Sela

Yeah, but the difference between the two *is* their respective backstories. Compare Khan:

"Kirk left us stranded on a planet and never bothered to check on us. Lo! Disaster struck and my wife died. Prepare to die, Kirk!"

vs. Sela:

Due to unexplained temporal disortions in the space-time continuum, my mother traveled back in time to fight in a battle she didn't belong in because some chick with a crazy hat told her it was a more honorable way to die. Except, she didn't die. She got caught and in exchange for hers and the other prisoners lives, she agreed to be some Romulan's consort and then had me. But the stupid bitch tried to escape with me and I ratted her out. They killed her. NOW I WILL KILL YOU PICARD!"

Khan's backstory and motivation was much more generalized and primal, and thus more easily accessible. He's out for revenge because he blames Kirk for the death of his wife.

What does Sela blame Picard for?
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