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Re: Commander Tomalak and Commander Sela

Really, it speaks volumes about Katsulas that he took a character who only appeared four times (well, really, three. His cameo in All Good Things was just for laughs) and established such a sinister and memorable presence.
Indeed! He was a great actor.

While I would have LOVED to see Katsulas on the big screen chewing scenery, this would have just been too fan-wanky, I think. Besides, it'd sacrifice Dina Meyer as the sexy Romulan commander.
I disagree there. They could have had both. Or, just had Katsulas in a quick cameo, as in All Good things.

I agree it was a missed opportunity, particularly for a movie about reflection, doubles, and dopplegangers. Lore, Tom Riker, Shinzon, Sela... they should have all been part of it somehow.
Again, i have to disagree. Now, THAT would have been too fan wanky.

Tom Riker deserved some resolution for sure, but that should have been done in DS9.

And Sela also kind of deserved her own story. In fact, I think she could have been Picard's "Nemesis," rather than some one-shot clone from nowhere. Unfortunately, I don't think Denise Crosby had the acting chops to be a big-screen nemesis to Picard.

But, and just my opinion, from a narrative standpoint, Sela had a huge ax to grind against Picard, and her being a "Khan-like" nemesis would have made sense.

And to those who would say Sela (as a character) has too much backstory-explaining to be a good villain (IE you have to have seen Yesterday's enterprise and Redemption to understand her origin), mind you Khan was a one shot villain from TOS whose existence was explained by a few lines, and most people who didn't see space seed got TWOK anyway.

But, I guess it is a moot point now.
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