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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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Good call, I agree. A younger Picard will be more an action-oriented character.

But Riker can be reconstituted and still be useful. How about an Okana type figure, a younger, slimmer and sexier Harry Mudd type?
Or Riker could become Wilhelmina "Mina" Riker, who would be Picard's female equal and executive officer who often clashes with him on command decisions. The only person on the ship that could go toe-to-toe with Picard. Some crew members speculate that there's more sexual tension than strife in their relationship.
...And at this point you're basically creating entirely new characters anyway, so what's the point in pretending this is a "reboot of The Next Generation" when it is very clearly an entirely new show?
Because then you can watch into the CBS pitch and say "it's based on The Next Generation, which was the last successful Star Trek series." That's even better than your other key selling point, the success of Star Trek at the movies, because you're specifically talking about TV. (CBS would be right to be skeptical that movie success means anything for a TV show.)

The fact that TNG's success could not be replicated today because the TV biz has changed, and your show has virtually nothing to do with TNG anyway, is immaterial. It will increase the odds of your show getting greenlit just because it gives the appearance of being a sure thing.

Otherwise, what's the point of all the TV and movie remakes that are constantly happening? Just because The Munsters or Bewitched were successes in the 60s, why should they be successful today? What if tastes have changed too much? What if the element that made them successful cannot be replicated? Those are valid questions but nobody cares. They just want the illusion of certainty because it's good for butt-covering in case the remake flops, and most shows do flop.

...and after typing all that, I've suddenly realized there is a strong chance that the next TV series will be based on TNG (with as much fidelity as Ron Moore's BSG was based on the original) because of what I just outlined. When I saw this thread title I originally thought "pshwah, dream on" but now I'm not so sure.
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