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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

Well tonight Son and I had 'party food ~ duck rolls, chicken skewers, onion bhaji, dips, bread ~ basically anything that makes your finger sticky and allows you to gossip and eat at the same time Whilst watching the soaps saying ' what's he doing back?' Is she pregnant by him?' 'Oh I love her, don't let him break her heart'. That, for me is the best eating experience ~ no pressure, chatting, laughing, and enjoying each others company. I really do believe that meal times should be when you catch up with everyone. At my in laws it was silence at the table. I ended up getting totally tipsy and talking complete rubbish. I was invited back regularly purely for the entertainment value
Oh for goodness sake it's not that important.
Unless it is really important ~ then you can always email it to me and I'll ignore it again tomorrow.
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