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Re: Dukat the demon worshiper, yay or nay?

Anwar wrote: View Post
To be honest, it could've been done a bit better because his devotion to the Pah-Wraiths seemed like he really cared about their goals. If he wanted to release them simply because he knew they'd kill the Prophets and give him power as a reward for his actions, only for them to possess him in the series finale once they were released, it would've fit the "It's all about me" persona Dukat always had.
I think they messed with his mind to force him to care. Kind of a dark side to what we saw when the Prophets messed with Zek.

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
Neat drawing, Nerys! I've always enjoyed your idea of an AU Dukat. And I'd love the chance to see Marc Alaimo in the role of course.
Thanks. It would be a very different role that would take him completely out of the typecasting that he's typically gotten, so even though I know he never would play the role, it's interesting to imagine him doing so.

Not many people can play an introvert convincingly onscreen, play them subtly but still give you a window into their soul so that you care, but I've seen it done. (I actually think of Harrison Ford's take on Jack Ryan in Patriot Games as a best-of-the-best in that regard.) I think Marc Alaimo has enough subtlety that he could do it. His performance as Gul Macet, who was a more toned-down character, makes me think he would be up to it.

Jono wrote: View Post
I meant seeing some sort of interaction before what happened in "Tears" and more along the lines of how Sisko dealt with the Kais and Prophets (or how Winn interacted with the Pah-Wraiths) rather then getting possessed. Basically someone to show Dukat the door before he stepped through it in "Tears".
I see now. That makes more sense. I'm not particularly bothered by what we ultimately got (except for the poor execution by the producers of the parts in the Fire Caves), but that is certainly something I would've been interested to see.
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