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Re: Dukat the demon worshiper, yay or nay?

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
What I've always admired in him as an actor is the degree of physical control he has, but not in a way that comes across as stiff or unnatural. We know in the end that he's BS'ing, but the way he says, "Goodbye, Nerys..." Whoa.

I ended up using a frame from "Covenant" as a pose reference for a drawing I did of my alternate-universe Dukat (who is Dukat's "good twin"). I changed the expression to fit my AU Dukat's personality.

Here's the drawing:

(Please read the'll explain why, in that drawing, AU Dukat is so sad.)

It took a few changes to turn him from "fake-subdued," which you see in "Covenant," to the truly reserved individual he is in the AU, who tends to take things to heart, but I don't think the drawing (of him, anyway...I messed up on the human) would've come off without the great job Marc Alaimo did in that episode:

(It's funny...while Gul Dukat is still, I keep picturing AU Dukat, in that drawing, fidgeting with his hands.)
Neat drawing, Nerys! I've always enjoyed your idea of an AU Dukat. And I'd love the chance to see Marc Alaimo in the role of course.
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