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Who in their right mind would want to watch a series where the main baddies are Romulans?
Another ga-ga case over here. I'd sooner see them completely reinvented, than Klingons. Klingons are fine as they are. Maybe a bit overripe. They turned up too frequently on ENT for their own good and in the end, the only avenue of exploration left was the forehead issue.

Romulans are like the first race in Star Trek outside of the Vulcans we saw and they still haven't moved on from Mark Lenard's unnamed Commander. In some respects, they went backward from that and simply became faux-Vulcans, without their impassive putdowns and superiority complex. There are few breakout examples of Romulans... possibly Jarok the greatest among them and Tomalak close behind. With Vreenak elevated to some mystical Chuck Norris status, we know so little about him.

If the recognition of Star Trek over other franchises is "the one with the guys with pointy ears", that makes Romulans as valuable as the Vulcans, if a way can be found to make them a lot more distinquishable.
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